Feeling your support makes all the difference

At this year's Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo, your support is more important than ever.

You can let the athletes know you’re behind them with the ANZ Support Band and NZ Team App.

ANZ Support Band Image


Every athlete in the NZ Olympic and Paralympic Teams have been given their own ANZ Support Band. By wearing the band, athletes will feel New Zealand’s support all the way from home. You can send your pulse of support directly to the teams, download the NZ Team App now. There’s more on offer with the NZ Team App, read below to find out about its features.

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NZ Team App - Your Team connection

With daily schedules and reminders, live medal alerts and exclusive highlights, you’ll be in on all the Olympic and Paralympic Games action as it happens.

ANZ Pathway Programme Image

ANZ Olympic and Paralympic Pathway Programmes

Support is crucial at every stage of an athlete’s journey.

With the ANZ Olympic and Paralympic Pathway Programmes, we’re paving the way for the next generation of promising young athletes.


Closed borders. Player bubbles. Physical distancing. With the ANZ Support Band, nothing can stop our Kiwi athletes feeling your support at the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games.